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Pandemic Politics: Political Attitudes and Crisis Communications

Welcome to the our research page, seeking to contribute to urgent public debates and policy practice on the UK’s phased response to COVID-19, drawing on political behaviour, crisis management theory, international relations and political psychology. Through the analysis of original survey data, our main aims are to analyse what drives public support for and compliance with social distancing measures, how the pandemic disproportionately affects different social groups, and what are the public preferences on balancing public health with economic considerations and security with freedom.

Research Findings

Questionnaire and descriptive statistics

“The main currency of crisis management – short of pure coercion – is persuasion”

Project Team

Our interdisciplinary research team consists of UK-based academics, with complimentary expertise in crisis management, political behaviour, international relations and the politics of security.


Professor John Connolly

Professor of Public Policy, University of the West of Scotland

John is Professor of Public Policy at the University of West of Scotland. He is an expert in crisis management, particularly in the public health field, with extensive experience in undertaking evaluations of public health interventions and post-crisis evaluation.

Contact PandemicPolitics

For any enquires, please contact Dr Sofia Collignon or Dr Georgios Karyotis.

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