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We are anchored by a vision to prevent, understand and manage crises, through social scientific excellence.

Crisis Diagnosis and Prevention

We employ both qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the nature, severity, causes and appropriate responses to multi-faceted challenges, before these turn into real or perceived crises.


Crisis Communications

Our evidence-based analyses allow us to formulate impactful recommendations on both the nature and type of crisis interventions that may be required, as well as the ways in which these should be framed to generate widespread support and legitimacy for their successful implementation. 

Social Research Innovation

We design tailored-made surveys and mixed-methods instruments to understand (emerging) crisis dynamics. We dissect demographic sentiment toward political issues by analysing social media. We build original statistical models to understand drivers of social, organisational and business outcomes. 

Performance Measurements

We develop analytical tools to measure performance, applying rigorous, data-driven research methodologies. Measure improvements in loss prevention and safety through risk mitigation implementations. Use machine learning to predict future outcomes. Develop dashboards and data visualisations to continuously monitor performance.

Public Attitudes Analysis

We assess the extent to which attitudes and behaviours are shaped by materialist considerations (related to pre-existing structures and resources), by postmaterialist considerations (deriving from underlying ethical and political values) or socially constructed frames (which draw attention to a subset of political and normative considerations).

Create Enabling Products

We design web and mobile applications that promote personal responsibility and empower communities to actively participate, from the bottom-up, in managing challenges and enhancing life satisfaction. Our first product, drivEyes, is the first, and only, patented mobile application for reporting driving behaviour, promoting responsible driving through technological innovation. 


Promote social scientific excellence, fair decision-making and human welfare, through research, analytics and technology.

  • Analyse the nature, causes, responsibility and appropriate response to any crisis.

  • Drive social impact and outcomes.

  • Data gathering

  • Research and analytic insights

  • Enabling products


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"The main currency of crisis management is persuasion". The best strategy for crisis prevention and resolution is developing a rigorous, data-driven and sophisticated understanding of how issues enter, rise and exit the crisis and security agendas. If you would like to explore how we may be able to help you navigate crises, or interested in a collaboration, please get in touch:

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