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Refugee politics

Building Futures: Aspirations of Syrian Youth Refugees and Host Population Responses in Lebanon, Greece and the UK

This research project is designed to offer an in-depth and innovative comparative study of the experiences, skills and aspirations of young Syrian refugees, who have been forcibly displaced by the conflict in their home country, and the corresponding attitudes and belief structures of the host population in three receiving states: Lebanon, Greece and the United Kingdom (UK). Through surveys and interviews, this study will allow us to formulate policy recommendations to meet the training and skills needs of young migrants, with a view to facilitating either reintegration in Syria or integration in their host nations. It will also give guidance on how such policy can be framed and advocated so as to build consensus and crosscommunity understanding in a context of strained public resources and anti-immigration sentiment.

About Us
Policy Report, July 2018 .png

Policy report,july 2018

Building a New Life in Britain:

The Skills, Experiences and Aspirations of Young Syrian Refugees

Symposium Report, June 2018 .png

symposium report, june 2018

Refugee Politics: Dilemmas and Trade-Offs

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photo exhibition, april 2018

The Journey : People on the move

The Arrival : Young Syrian refugees in Britain. A photo Exhibition and Research Findings

Photo exhibition

photo exhibition

 DATA visualisations

Data Visualisations









Experiences in host countries

What did young refugees do before leaving Syria and what is their current employment status?

What qualifications and skills do young Syrian refugees bring with them in the UK, Lebanon and Greece?

Where do young Syrian refugees in the UK, Lebanon and Greece stay and who pays their rent?

What are the demographic characteristics of the 1,500 young Syrian refugees that participated in our research?

What are the professional and educational aspirations of young Syrian refugees in the UK, Lebanon and Greece?

What are the comparative lived experiences, evaluations and emotions of young Syrians?

 life stories

Life Stories

meet our fieldworkers

For the fieldwork in the United Kingdom, we recruited and trained 13 young Syrians living in Britain. Ten of them are female and three male. Many of them have powerful stories about their own journeys and experience. Here are some of their stories.

messages from refugees-
in their words

We have asked young Syrian refugees to send a message to British citizens. Here's what they said:

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